The new Garmin Edge Explore 2 has arrived. By taking care of the route, the new Edge Explore 2 bicycle navigation system allows riders of touring bikes, e-bikes, and recreational cyclists to focus on enjoying the scenery and each other's company.

From the Bavarian city of Munich to the Italian lake of Garda via the Mecklenburg Lake District or directly to the swimming lake, various routes can be taken to reach the destination. You can only get the most out of a bike ride if you choose a scenic route with light traffic and accommodating your preferred mode of transportation. The existence of the Edge Explore 2 is very welcome. With its help, you can plan your route to avoid congested areas of town. Also, regardless of the surface, he's on (gravel, asphalt, dirt), he can always find the optimal activity profile to suit his needs.

It's important to note the type of activity. Suppose you're looking to go on a spontaneous adventure or discover a new area. In that case, the Trendline Popularity map overlay will show you the routes that other cyclists like you have taken frequently. When using its connected sensors and active navigation, the Edge Explore 2 can go for up to 16 hours without needing a recharge.

When a route is loaded, it appears on the main menu, from which it can be immediately commenced. You can easily import a route from Garmin Connect, Strava, or Komoot onto your Edge Explore 2. If you've selected a route that includes climbs, ClimbPro will display each climb's length, steepness, and total vertical gain.

Many features were made with them in mind for those who ride a compatible electric bicycle. When deciding on a route, the new e-bike routing takes into account the battery level, the selected support, and the e-range bikes. The Edge Explore 2 tells you right at the start of the tour if you'll have enough juice to make it through the itinerary. In addition, the Edge Explore 2 provides real-time feedback on the status of the battery to guarantee that it will last the entire journey. The interface on the e-ANT+LEV bike is essential because it lets the bike and navigation system talk to each other wirelessly.

In addition, the Edge Explore 2 Power is available for e-bike owners who want to prevent their Edge Explore 2's battery from running out of charge. This version of the Edge Explore 2 is equipped with charging pins and is available in a bundle with the appropriate charging bracket. The specific bracket enables a connection to Bosch and Shimano e-bike systems and the Cannondale SmartSense. Since the e-bike battery can be used to power the bike's navigation system, riders never need to worry about running out of juice, no matter how long their ride may be. The Edge Power Mount charging cradle is compatible with all models with integrated charging pins (Edge 1040, Edge 1030, Edge 1030 Plus, Edge 830, Edge 530). (Edge 1040, Edge 1030, Edge 1030 Plus, Edge 830, Edge 530).

It doesn't matter which bike you're on-the Edge Explore 2 Power is the perfect choice for anyone who values long battery life when navigating: For use with the optional Garmin Charge battery pack, simply plug into the integrated charging pins. The bike's navigation system can be quickly charged by attaching a bracket to the edge and then using it as a power source.

Long trips or tours that last several days can be very draining. In particular, if the endpoint is still far off, scheduling plenty of time for breaks and rest is essential. The new Edge Explore 2 displays the required rest time between rides, which can be considered when planning future workouts. When used with a compatible Garmin wearable, the intensity minutes are also factored into the fitness age calculation. When using an indoor Tacx trainer to get ready for outdoor rides, the Edge Explore 2 can be used to easily control the trainer, or it can be paired with the Rally wattmeter pedals to maximize performance.

There has been a redesign of the user interface for the users. The responsive 3-inch touchscreen makes everything straightforward and simple to read at all times. The summaries on the home page make it easy to zero in on the desired feature. The Edge Explore 2's settings, including its data fields, can be modified with ease, either on the bicycle navigation device itself or through the Garmin Connect app on a smartphone. If you own an Android or iOS device, you can use Garmin's free Garmin Connect platform to track your training stats on the go. A user's health and fitness data collected by a Garmin device are displayed in their profile. Connect IQ lets you buy more data fields if you think the ones that come with it aren't enough.

When shared with others, our experiences enrich and enrich us. GroupTrack and group messaging allow multiple cyclists using compatible Garmin products to remain in constant contact, regardless of where they may be, thanks to the pairing of Edge Explore 2 with a smartphone. In the event of an accident, the automatic accident notification feature will send a message with the user's location to predefined emergency contacts, ensuring their safety even if they choose to go out and about independently. Additionally, the Edge Explore 2's screen displays intelligent notifications from a connected smartphone.

The new Varia RCT715/716, along with the other Varia line, is compatible with the Edge Explore 2 series for enhanced driver safety. With radar technology and a built-in taillight, this is also the first vehicle to feature a dashcam that records the entire ride in real-time. In an emergency, it will automatically record and store relevant segments of video from before, during, and after an event. This triple combination increases safety and improves visibility, day or night.


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