Jeep has announced a comprehensive plan for the next generation of fully electric 4xe vehicles to become the world's leading electrified SUV brand. By 2025's end, four all-electric sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are scheduled for sale in the Americas and Europe. Jeep brand sales in the United States will be accounted for by 2030 as part of a comprehensive product plan. Stellantis's Dare Forward 2030 long-term strategic plan includes a goal of zero net carbon dioxide emissions, and this plan supports that goal fully.

Jeep is committed to becoming the leading zero-emission SUV brand in the world, and the success of our electrified 4xe portfolio in North America and Europe has inspired us to create our most capable and environmentally friendly SUVs to date. It's a long-term plan to keep the Earth in pristine condition for the millions of Jeep fans all over the globe. The addition of electricity is a massive boon for our company's name, as it boosts performance, adds new dimensions of curiosity, increases longevity, and increases the number of fun consumers can have with our products.

Jeep has confirmed that the all-new Jeep Avenger electric SUV will launch in Europe in the first half of next year and released the first images of two all-electric SUVs, the new Jeep Recon and the new Jeep Wagoneer S, that will land in North America and other regions around the world.

Jeep is developing a full range of electrified products specifically designed to enhance its capability, building on the success of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe, the best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) in the United States, and the recently introduced Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe 4x4.

In the premium midsize SUV segment, the company will introduce a new all-electric Wagoneer; in the large SUV segment, the Wagoneer models will feature powertrains designed for an estimated range of 500 miles in the combined cycle.

By 2030, Jeep will be the first in the SUV industry to offer a full lineup of new battery electric vehicles (BEVs), and as a result, half of the brand's sales in the United States will be BEVs.

The Jeep Recon, one of the first fully electric SUVs to hit the market in North America, is designed for those who value silence while traveling in the great outdoors.

The Jeep Recon is an SUV that has been developed from the ground up to be both a Jeep 4x4 and a zero-emissions vehicle.

The new BEV Jeep Recon SUV will be unveiled to the public in the United States in early 2023, and production will begin in North America in 2024. The Jeep Recon will be marketed in major international markets, including Europe.

To be released in Europe in 2023 is the new Jeep Avenger, the automaker's first fully electric sport utility vehicle.

Already undergoing a dramatic makeover in Europe, the Jeep brand now sells only electric SUVs in select countries like France and Germany, with plans to expand to the rest of Europe by the end of the year.

By 2025, Jeep will introduce four zero-emission vehicles in Europe, with offerings in key volume segments. As a result of this product onslaught, all Jeep vehicles for sale in the region will be 100% electric by 2030. The plan announced today builds on the momentum of these 4xe vehicles, resulting in a portfolio of performance, fully electric cars custom designed for Europe.

The new Jeep Avenger, a compact electric SUV, was introduced earlier this year as part of Stellantis' long-term strategic plan, Dare Forward. It is the first model in this product offensive.

The new Jeep Avenger will be sold in Europe and other Asian markets like Japan and South Korea. It will be priced below the Jeep Renegade and manufactured at Poland's highly efficient Tychy plant.

The new Jeep Avenger electric SUV aims to have an electric range of 400 kilometers, and it will have class-leading ground clearance, bump, and attack angles, as well as an ultra-modern, technologically-advanced cabin with plenty of room for passengers and their belongings.

While the current plan focuses primarily on North America and Europe, specific goals for the other regions will be announced later. Jeep's 4xe portfolio continues to expand worldwide, using electrification and technology to enhance the brand's legendary 4x4 capability.


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