Dacia supports the most fantastic K9 Biathlon competition. A challenging course for dogs and handlers. You can find automobile manufacturers that cater to your inner speed demon or your inner gearhead. A flag-waving automaker also proclaims its primary mission is to produce reliable vehicles at reasonable prices. Cars allow regular families to get into a new set of wheels without sacrificing other important areas of their lives or the quality of their transportation.

Dacia is a platinum sponsor of Denmark's biggest K9 Biathlon event, held annually in Vilhelmsborg, not far from Aarhus, Denmark.

As part of Aarhus Festuge, this is undoubtedly the year's biggest party for canine companions. Lilleskov Castle and the Danish Kennel Club host various dog-centric events for two days.

The K9 Biathlon obstacle race held on Saturdays is the day's primary event. There could be as many as 500 dogs, and anyone can attend. You can choose to walk or run the course depending on your current fitness level and goals. However, only the fittest runners should attempt the long distance.

Dacia is a platinum sponsor of the K9 Biathlon, and they have good reason to be there.

"If you want a basic definition of who buys Dacia automobiles, it's people for whom a car isn't a hobby but rather a means to an end—in other words, people who see cars as a means to an end. To spend time with loved ones, to explore new places, or, as in the present case, to experience something truly unique with one's nearest and dearest and one's closest companion. Consequently, the partnership is a perfect fit, "according to Sren Hyltoft, Dacia's press manager.

K9 Biathlon competitor Camilla Christensen and her new Dacia Jogger will be there. The new Dacia Jogger is a large car with room for seven passengers. Since Camilla is a single parent caring for her kid, who is just over two years old, much space is needed for something else.

"Fuji and Aya, my two Grand Danios, are lovely additions to the garden. At 84 cm in height at the withers, Fuji is already as tall as Aya, who is five years old. He's still growing, so he should reach a fighting weight of at least 85 kilos by the time he's done. So when I needed a new automobile, I knew from the start that many options wouldn't be viable. But the new Dacia Jogger is a beautiful fit, and I can't wait to take my dogs to Aarhus for the K9 Biathlon there." Camilla Christensen, whose Grand Dane has lived with her for 19 years, is now on her eighth copy of this book.

Over the years, Camilla Christensen has traveled across Europe with her dogs and their equipment for various dog sports and exhibitions. "I have mostly trained general obedience, rally obedience, and parkour with the dogs," she adds.

This weekend, Vilhelmsborg will become a haven for dog owners everywhere. The K9 Biathlon is only one of many free events and activities available. A month's rental of a Dacia of your choice, plus a weekend for two at Krusmlle Glamping with a dog and a great meal, bubbly, and breakfast on Sunday for a total of 1,300 euros might be yours if you're lucky.

"We've got a great booth set up, and we're bringing all our models to Vilhelmsborg this weekend, along with every piece of intelligent dog gear you can imagine. We also anticipate that many attendees will be interested in scheduling a test drive in one of our vehicles. We have a carrier that can accommodate even the most giant dogs, like Camilla's, so you never have to worry about getting around town. Thus, not only will everyone in the family have a good time. In addition to the best dog treats in town, we offer a chance to win a car for a month and an entire weekend stay if you schedule a test drive. That means you're set up for a fantastic weekend, " according to Sren Hyltoft, who suggests a visit to anyone thinking about purchasing a new Dacia.

Register for the K9 Biathlon race between now and September 3 at 9 p.m. if you and your dog are athletic and looking for a good time.