As a tribute to the original car's world debut in 1961, Jaguar Classic invited owners of the E-type 60 Collection and their guests on the long drive to Geneva. The Jaguar E-type Limited Editions were made to mark the 60th anniversary of the famous trip that Bob Berry and Norman Dewis took from Coventry to Geneva in 1961. They were based on that trip.

Berry drove an Opalescent Gunmetal Gray E-type 60 Edition Coupé, also called the "9600 HP," to Switzerland before the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, where it was shown for the first time and got a lot of attention from the press and the public. So, Dewis, who used to work for Jaguar as a Test and Development Engineer, was asked to drive a British Racing Green roadster, also known as the "77 RW," from Coventry to Geneva the next day to meet the high demand for test drivers. But it was worth it: when Jaguar left Geneva, they had more than 500 orders.

Jaguar Classic invited owners of E-type 60 Collection models and their guests on a memorable trip to Geneva to celebrate this event and remember the first drive. During the journey, E-type owners could make their memories through beautiful scenery and epic roads, such as famous Alpine passes. They could also stay in luxury hotels and eat at top restaurants to honor the memorable trip that Bob Berry and Norman Dewis took in 1961.

Emma Styles, Head of Commercial at Jaguar Classic, said, "Bob Berry and Norman Dewis's epic trip to Geneva is now part of motoring history, and we wanted the current owners of the Jaguar E-type 60 Collection to have the chance to make their memories."
"And driving an E-type Limited Edition is a memorable experience in and of itself. Our private drive to Switzerland was a bit out of the ordinary, with unique stops, unforgettable roads, luxury gifts, and the chance to write your own story."

The partners also helped to create a unique experience for the owners. For the Jaguar Classic E-type 60 Collection, tailor Richard George made a one-of-a-kind ET60 teddy bear from leftover material from making interiors, and Bennett Winch made unique travel bags.
Fortnum & Mason sent high-end baskets with exceptional food and drinks for the trip, and Valmont sent excellent skin care products.
Among the other gifts were luxury car air fresheners from Charabanc and driving shoes from Tod's, which made driving more elegant and comfortable.
Jaguar Classic made a playlist for the drive with the top 10 songs in the UK and US on March 15, 1961, when the famous trip was first made. This drive to Geneva was considerably more relaxing and comfortable than the 11-hour trip to Dewis in 1961. On the first night, guests stayed at Long White Cloud at the Monkey Island Estate in Bray-on-Thames, Berkshire, inspired by the famous racing driver Sir Stirling Moss.
Stirling Moss drove a Jaguar in a race for the first time in 1950. This made William Lyons ask him to lead the Jaguar team a day before he turned 21. Stirling Moss had a lot of success driving Jaguars until the end of 1954.
The following day, the Jaguar E-type 60 Collection drivers left Long White Cloud and drove to Aero Legends in Headcorn, Kent. A Fortnum & Mason picnic among famous Spitfire fighters was the perfect way to relax before driving under the English Channel to France. The group then went to the medieval town of Montreuil-sur-Mer on the Opal Coast to see the Chateau Montreuil. The Found-Springer family built the mansion in the 1930s as a place for family and friends to stay. Over the years, celebrities like Sir Roger Moore, Whitney Houston, and the British Royal Family have stayed at the property.
On day three, the group went from Chateau Montreuil to Epernay, in the famous Champagne region of France, for a private tour and lunch at Maison Pol Roger. They then drove to the 18th-century Chateau de la Resle to spend the night. Since the Second World War, no one has lived in the manor house, but it has just been fixed up and turned into a beautiful hotel.
The fourth day of the trip was spent driving through the beautiful countryside on the border between France and Switzerland. After more than 480 km of driving, they arrived at The Chedi in Andermatt. After aperitifs in the hotel's Furka Suite, dinner was served in the Wine Library, where guests raised a glass to the legendary Norman Dewis, who made the same trip with only a cheese sandwich for a snack.
The Jaguar E-type 60 Collection drivers drove the last 338 km from Andermatt to Geneva on the fifth and final day. There was 24 hairpin turns on the drive through the Sankt Gotthard Pass, and guests were treated to a Swiss lunch before driving up the famous Ollon-Villars, where Bob Berry drove the first E-type more than 60 years ago. The tour then went to Parc Des Eaux Vives, where champagne was waiting for the guests.

The Jaguar E-type is great but I still prefer the Jaguar E-Pace; it suits me better.


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