While remaining true to the DNA of the brand's noble Italian sportsmanship since its inception in 1910, the Alfa Romeo brand makes its TikTok debut to tell the story of Tonale's excellence through an innovative language. The Tonale is the first C-SUV in Alfa Romeo history and the first electrified model.

When TikTok's younger customers found the platform ideal for expressing themselves, having fun, and sharing information, a new form of storytelling was born. Alfa Romeo is launching four video clips on TikTok today that focus on Tonale's design, technology, and driving dynamics. This is the first phase of TikTok's communication with Tonale, including the launch of the four videos.

The first video focuses on Alfa Romeo's distinctive exterior design, which draws on the brand's rich history to create a vision for the future. For a safe and unforgettable driving experience for the driver, the interior design of the Alfa Romeo Giulia is based on Alfa Romeo's racing heritage, as shown in the second video. 

Level 2 autonomous driving and an authentic hybrid drive experience are also included in the new model's features. The fourth and final video shows off Alfa Romeo's driving dynamics, known for their supreme agility and control on the highway, making the Tonale a class leader in skill and handling.
Using TikTok creators to tell the concept of "Live Unpredictably," the foundation of Tonale's entire communication campaign, in their unique language, will kick off the project's second phase following the release of the four pills. The new Alfa Romeo Tonale shows that emotions can guide us in a world where technology, through algorithms, knows and directs our choices, making them predictable.

As a result, the new social campaign on TikTok expands the audience of a model already enjoying considerable commercial success. It simultaneously strengthens the visceral connection with the Alfa Romeo tribe.


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