Fans of numbers, take note: the new Garmin HRM-Pro Plus chest strap allows for more precise recording of workouts. The new chest strap monitors heart rate in real-time and tracks speed and distance during indoor runs on the treadmill or track.

Many athletes, therefore, must have highly efficient training methods. Only those aware of their potential can train following it, pushing themselves to their limits strategically, leading to growth. The new HRM-Pro Plus chest strap from Garmin is ideal for runners because it monitors heart rate and various metrics related to their efficiency, whether they're training indoors or out. These metrics include the amount of time spent on the ground, the length of each stride, the vertical ratio, and the total distance covered. In addition, indoor runs can now provide runners with data on their pace and distance.

The HRM-Pro Plus can save heart rate data while swimming, thanks to its store-and-forward functionality. After the swim, the information is sent to a smartwatch that can read it and is shown along with other swim stats.

The Garmin HRM-Pro Plus records data like steps, calories burned, and intensity minutes when the watch is removed and then syncs that information with the smartwatch using the Garmin Connect mobile app and the TrueUp feature when the watch is put back on.

Performance data is sent to ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy compatible devices, such as Garmin smartwatches, Edge bike computers, and online platforms like the Tacx Training App.

A button cell battery is built right in and will last for about a year. The new battery compartment cover is simple to open and close and does not require any screws, so future maintenance on this part will only require two steps.

The Garmin HRM-Pro Plus is currently available for an MSRP of €129.99.


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